What we do



The firm undertakes complete design services from initial briefing through outline proposals, scheme planning, detailed design and working drawings, bills of quantities and contract documents. We use state-of-the-art computers for our designs and simulations.


Our forward-looking approach to construction embraces modern techniques and processes. We have as our underlying principle the construction of environmentally friendly engineering projects. We have extensive expertise in the execution of civil works with varying degrees of complexity


Let us finance your construction projects. At Ebrunel, we provide business funding to support contractors, sub-contractors and those working in the construction industry. We also fund new projects, pay suppliers, purchase new construction equipment and machinery and boost working capital.


We undertake feasibility studies on the viability of projects for our clients.
We conduct feasibility studies that cover issues such as technical possibilities, financial viability, capital and running cost studies, site location and investigation, assessment of site potential, comparison of alternative schemes, design and approaches, and establishing performance criteria for projects.

We also carry out environmental impact assessments of large-scale projects to determine the effects of such projects on the environment.


We undertake maintenance/renovation of housing structures. Our services include structural maintenance, electrical, mechanical and telecommunication restorations
To effectively carry out these services, the firm is organized into a number of departments concerned with projects of various categories, supported by a research section equipped with computers.


We also provide a complete service embracing all aspects of a project from preliminary studies through design, construction, furnishing, fitting out and commissioning of equipment and plant. Turnkey projects are handed over to the client as fully operational, complete and ready for occupation